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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Ep 6: Laurie and Malcolm

Laurie O’Donnell and Matthew talk about the Scottish Learning Festival, e-readers in classrooms, intranets trending to the cloud and the Kindle fire!   First there is a discussion about the trend to the cloud and what it might mean for school and education authority intranets.   We chat about libraries and a government study into…

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Ep 5: Permissions may vary

Tonight Laurie O’Donnell and I carry on our opening conversations about learning technology in schools. We had a short chat covering web-filtering in schools, tackling   the programming and game-design skills gap and we even briefly assess the iphone 5 which was unveiled an hour before the podcast was recorded. The original story that got us all talking…

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Ep 4: The push me pull you conversation

Laurie O’Donnell joins Matthew to talk learning tech in tonight’s fairly strategic level podcast.   (image by  fender5   Laurie and I talk about the cultural divide between teachers and ICT professionals.   We then discuss why teachers choose technology initiatives. Is it tech “push” or learning “pull”?   We briefly talk tablets and their…

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